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About Us

The brighton trade collective is a group of traders working in Sussex. We believe in:

  Eco-friendly  options

We aspire to work in a way that has the least negative impact on our environment. This can range from using recycled materials, to sharing vehicles, to creative waste disposal, and so on. We'll always try to provide an eco-friendly option.

 Diversity and mutual aid in the trading community

We want to see more diversity of genders, ethnicities, ages and abilities in the trades. Our collective should feel inclusive, encouraging and supportive for everyone involved. Additionally, as a collective, we promote cooperation over competition. This is better for everyone as it tends to increase happiness, learning, confidence, the quality of work, and reduces under-cutting, waste and overheads.

Transparency and Respect

We want as many people as possible to access our services and we want people to understand what they are spending their money on. So, we strive to be flexible to meet people’s budgets and break down the cost of a project. It's important for us to have a non-judgemental approach to the people we work with. We respect people's space, time and needs.

Join Us

How we work

The Brighton Trade Collective is a group of self-employed people who are interested in supporting each other and increasing the range of their work. Members contribute things like skills, time, work, space and tools and benefit from similar things contributed by others. For example: if Sandy has a van but no workspace, and Joe has a workspace but no van, then both can expand their working abilities by sharing. By working together, they gain a friend and colleague, open a new avenue of work AND save themselves the price of buying/renting equipment. Collaborative working like this can also reduce waste by sharing spare materials, which is good for the environment and reduces costs, which in turn brings down the cost of the work we do, benefitting clients as well as ourselves.

What you could contribute

You could contribute things like: skills and experience that others would like to gain, tools that others may not have, work opportunities when you need help on a job or have too much work, a vehicle, workspace, materials, or even time when someone else's is running low.

What you could receive

You could: learn new skills to expand your range of work, borrow materials and tools instead of buying new stuff, work on other people’s projects, get introduced to new clients, get help moving bulky stuff around and rent cheap workshop space, and lots of other things! Be part of a community of traders.

How to Join

Send us an email at




Alex Casey

The People's general woodhouse

Available for: 

Carpentry, Joinery, Wood-turning

07543 49 88 64


Amy Isles


Available for: 

Art, workshops, murals, clothing

07920 193 197


Phil Nippers


Available for: 

Painting and decorating

07541 474 094


Eloise saville

Edgecombe Carpentry and Joinery

Available for: 

Joinery, Carpentry, General Handiwork

07866 945 191


Michael Gorham


Available for: 

Sustainable construction, carpentry, timber framing and handiwork.

07988 723 524


Tinika Macer


Available for: 

Carpentry, painting/decorating, gardening and general handiwork.



fergus chapman

Wood and Wire Joinery

Available for:  

Carpentry, Cabinetry, Bespoke shelving, painting and decorating

07784 608 089


Jeremy Noble

Available for: 

Hanging shelves, painting and decorating, general handiwork, portrait, environmental and aerial photography.

07498 071 578

+1 480 459 8852 WhatsApp


ELliE, JAN 2021

We had our two bed flat fully redecorated by Eloise and are extremely happy with the results. She was very tidy, punctual & polite. The finish is fantastic- especially the glossing. The price was very reasonable for the quality of the work and it was finished ahead of schedule which was a nice surprise!

I was delighted with the work Alex has done for me, fixing my French windows onto the garden which involved replacing the hinges which weren't quite the right size which he corrected beautifully by trimming the wood, as well as restoring the very weather-damaged threshold. He took great care to find the best solution that would preserve the wood effectively. Alex is friendly and knowledgeable, and I wouldn't hesitate to employ his services again.

The work covered a range of different tasks/different trades. Some were a bit tricky. All the jobs were done effectively and speedily - at reasonable cost. It was also great to see a female carpenter. Would recommend you.

lizzy, oct 2020

phil, feb 2021

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Contact Us

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